The Medical Patient Experience Done Gone Digital!

I just got done reading a very informative eBook (Care Delivery Goes Digital: 6 Trends Impacting Healthcare and 2017 Predictions) on the effects technology is having on the medical care industry. If you have not already done so, you can access your free download by clicking the tablet image.

Mentor Mate Reports on a Digital Wave in Medecine

The eBook shares six trends that validate the effects of a technological world on patient care and its evolution. The article is an easy read and should spark valuable conversation (a gracious bow to Sarah Rockholt and other contributors to the study behind the article at Mentor Mate), but that third bullet of the six summarized by Sarah stood out for me because of a service I am personally familiar with in the network marketing arena.

The third bullet got my attention...

As a techie person (that happens to also market a healthcare product that utilizes tech-based solutions), I am intrigued by this new wave of tech-based services and tools that are helping to bring down the cost of medical care. This can revolutionize an industry that, more times than not, regularly impacts the bottom line of any family or small business. I'll let you read and share the article as I am doing, but one thing that I appreciate is how this kind of study and its published findings encourages thoughtful change and forward mobility. Some quotes that caught my attention were:

  • Page 10: “…the context of care adapts to fit the consumer…”
  • Page 11: “…patients now have more options…” (which led to predictions that care options will diversify and that even tele-medicine will be disrupted as the current primary consumer-centric solution it is today)
  • Page 35: “…there is a need to solve the Gordian knot of authenticating user health data on consumer devices…”
  • Page 37: (paraphrased) “…it's really about you – a “people-centric” healthcare system, not just tech and data…”

That's all for now! Just wanted to share my excitement about how this could be a benefit to my readers.

Till next time,

Jon Lonon

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Jon Lonon is a 20+ year veteran of the Computer and Technology Industry having a degree in Electrical Engineering and having taught practical Computer Engineering at a Technical College. As an accomplished software developer in several languages, he has seen first-hand the advances in and dependencies upon technology to achieve great success in any business venture of the 21st century. He has transferred his skills and knowledge into the Network Marketing arena, where he continues to build a team of successful network marketers that he named Team Success. Team Success uses and promotes several technologies that enhance business growth, with special emphasis on tools for Network Marketers and Direct Sales Agents.

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