Technology Fuels Essential Services (and you can benefit)!

Essential Services equate to time and financial freedom!Yes, I am veering from my normal topic for a quick “off-the-cuff” second.

I am writing this right now, real fast, so stick with me on this thought (and please forgive any typos)!

I often provide minor consultations on technology for network marketers and home-based business folks, but today I want to clarify that such consults are not why I am excited about my financial time and money freedom. The key to my calm (even if a recession hits at full force while you are reading this) is that I AM AN INDEPENDENT 5LINX REPRESENTATIVE!

In case you missed it, I just smiled real big! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I'm in the best of both worlds because of my initial career, based in the heart of modern technology (engineering and software), and because I am presently established in the essential services arena, which is largely fueled by the rise of technology in our daily lives!

What are you talking about Jon? Listen. This is very simple. It's how the big boys and girls (large corporations and insiders) make money. EVERY month when you pay your bills, they get some — YOU DON'T. I used to be in that boat, till I found out how I answered many questions like, “Do I know anyone that uses cell phones? or Do I know anyone who powers their home to turn on lights, or provide heat for bodies or other appliances? or do I know anyone who watches television, or surfs the Internet, or uses smart devices like tablets and/or businesses using the same, or credit card processing?” I had to answer the question, “Do I swipe debit/credit cards?” There were more questions asking if I used text messaging, or was concerned about protecting my identity or credit score, or even if I needed (or knew anyone who needed) to save on healthcare services?

I could not say NO to anything (for me or others I knew). WOW! Were these just luxuries or were they morphing into essential necessities? I knew that technology was important, but I discovered it is fueling everything we do. So, naturally, I welcomed news that the essential services used by me, and everyone else I knew, could also fuel my wallet at the same time!

Yes, I am a Super-excited Independent 5LINX Representative, making money and helping others save and/or make money on all these essential services, whether I'm consulting on technology or not.

There is nothing special about me. You can do it too. Yes, you can benefit too!

No worries, I'm not going to try to sell you anything, but if you want to see how the progression of technology fueling essential services can also fuel your financial portfolio AND buy back some of your time freedom for things you really want to do, hop over to and watch the video on the Opportunity tab, then click the Sign-Up Now button at the top of the page. Don't delay if you want to join because the team we're building is also using technology to fuel our rapid success. Why not invest for residual income on what you already do! As explained why in the video, be sure to choose the IMR starting position, and if in Canada, first click the Canada button.

Jon Lonon is a 20+ year veteran of the Computer and Technology Industry having a degree in Electrical Engineering and having taught practical Computer Engineering at a Technical College. As an accomplished software developer in several languages, he has seen first-hand the advances in and dependencies upon technology to achieve great success in any business venture of the 21st century. He has transferred his skills and knowledge into the Network Marketing arena, where he continues to build a team of successful network marketers that he named Team Success. Team Success uses and promotes several technologies that enhance business growth, with special emphasis on tools for Network Marketers and Direct Sales Agents.

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