Good Goobly Goo, I’ve Gone Green!

"The old business card is being recycled!"
“My old business card is being recycled!”

No, no, no! Not as in money green! (Who knows what color money is going to be soon anyway?) It's OK to have that thought at first. Besides, “What's money got to do with it?” won't be a hit song any time soon!

Nope. I'm talking enviro-green! Yep, I ditched some paper to preserve the landfill space for something more important than a 3.5 x 2.0 card with my picture and selfish words in print! Although my contribution to environmental preservation may be small, don't laugh yet (or please stop laughing, OK?). Estimates are that over nine billion (yes, illion with a B), cards are printed each year, or close to 30 million a day!

But I also read somewhere that analyst are predicting this paper product to go the way of other non-digital paper-based dinosaurs as more tech-savvy users demand modern sharing options (MSO's – no, that's not an official acronym, I just made it up to be techie, but I'll use it since this is my post and I can almost say whatever I want!).

So yes, I went green with a MSO! See, that worked! Oh, alright, I'll cut to the chase and we'll be done in a flash.

I got myself a Virtual Business Card (yes, a VBC, and that is official)! It's quite simple: it's a business card that can be shared on any smart device from stationary computers, to mobile phones, to mobile tablets, etc., etc. Via text marketing (another topic that deserves a new future post), a very simple non-graphic text-only business card can quickly transfer your information to an interested prospect. In addition, you will collect contact information allowing you to share your product or service too.

An enhanced version (the one I opted for) gives a visual to your prospect and allows them to connect to multiple social media sites to learn more about you and/or your products and services. I also like the fact that now with a single click on my VBC, my information is downloaded into the prospects address book without scrap paper, copy/paste, or mistyped information!

Go ahead, check out my go-green contribution here. The card tells you and others how to get your own free VBC, thus making your contribution to the Go Green Initiative (which happens to be a real initiative, but GGI, unofficially, of course)!

Enjoy till next time!

By the way, just in case you're not taking my VBC by clicking above, you can also Text L390488 to 55255 for instructions on getting your own VBC.