Time To Make A PowerPlay!!

Time To Make A PowerPlay  Ok, I'm writing this quick post for two reasons:

1. To highlight a super cool tech tool that can help you at key times in your business (and even in your personal space) from time-to-time, and

2. Because of the weather across many mid to northern states right now in the US!

Don't worry, you'll get why #2 pretty quickly. In fact, I'm just about done! What? Jon, so what is this PowerPlay move you want me to make? Well, it's simple, the PowerPlay is a bluetooth wireless music player with a powerful charger, for tablets, PC's and mobile phones. Moving to this device is a “Power Play” because you get to do both! You get power whenever/wherever you need it for business or pleasure (i.e., on-the-road, in a large conference hall, at the airport, etc.).  You also get to play boosted speaker sounds played from your devices (i.e., music, conference calls, training audio, etc.). I'll let you watch the 30-second video and read more about this super cool tech tool for growing your business. Just know that I use the PowerPlay and I have been more than pleased.

So how does PowerPlay relate to #2 – because of the weather? That's easy! I, along with thousands more, have experienced power outages because of snow and ice storms over the past few days. It's better to be safe than sorry! When trees fall on power lines, or they get ice-heavy, you need to ensure emergency communication lines are left open AND you need to be able to perform some vital business functions (especially if your business is an at-home business).

Get charged on-the-go AND let your audience hear your digital sounds loud and clear! Find out more about this super cool tech tool before your next natural or business storm strikes. Make that PowerPlay today!