Sometimes High-Tech Is A Real Handshake!

Jon after a "high-tech" handshake with JBudd in San Diego!
Unstoppable Entrepreneur Jon Lonon knows that “High-Tech” is not just connecting to things, but also to people!

Ok, time to shift gears…

As I am getting set at the starting line of more frequent updates to my blog, I got to thinking about how some technology is already “wired” into us as human beings. We simply need to check the box in our brains to enable it…and appreciate results we may not see instantly.

For example, “handshaking” is a common engineering term to suggest that two devices, similar or not, are establishing a connection or a bond.

I won't make this complicated. All I'm saying is that yes, there are many high-tech methods we can use to reach out and “touch” our prospective customers and business partners (e.g., smart phones to text or call, social media to chat, video to see and be seen). But what beats getting out there and shaking some hands? That's right, flesh to flesh, with an added SMILE!

That's high-tech (not low-tech) because it has a powerful effect on the best technology you possess – your brain! That “handshake” sets you on fire to run fast like that signal between those two electronic devices! (OK, maybe not that fast!)

That's all, just a quick thought to share. Now get out there and engage that high-tech handshake and that high-tech smile. It's been proven to enhance businesses everywhere!

In this picture I shook hands with arguably the leader in Internet Marketing, the guru himself, Mr. Jonathan Budd. Notice that I practice what I teach! Gotta run… 🙂

Jon Lonon

P.S. – Find out one way I am helping others get out and mingle so their high-tech handshake helps grow their business at


Jon Lonon is a 20+ year veteran of the Computer and Technology Industry having a degree in Electrical Engineering and having taught practical Computer Engineering at a Technical College. As an accomplished software developer in several languages, he has seen first-hand the advances in and dependencies upon technology to achieve great success in any business venture of the 21st century. He has transferred his skills and knowledge into the Network Marketing arena, where he continues to build a team of successful network marketers that he named Team Success. Team Success uses and promotes several technologies that enhance business growth, with special emphasis on tools for Network Marketers and Direct Sales Agents.

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