eBook By Jon Lonon Touts Power Of Events

Download Your Copy Now!The preface to a set of hip technology-based tools to grow your business has been introduced – Jon Lonon's new eBook entitled, Whoa! What Just Happened?! that touts the power of events has been released.

Yes, that Jon is me! I'm so excited!

The eBook touts the power of events by use of an actual “live” event to reveal their many facets and benefits in the key chapter. Other chapters have Jon's discussion of what he learned about utilizing events from other industry leaders, and in yet other chapters Jon shares his own perspective on how to take advantage of events to grow your business.

The eBook is meant to be motivation for those who struggle in their network marketing businesses through the realization that events offer a dynamic “plug-in” that electrifies their organization, or puts gas in its tank, raises your horses hoofs, or whatever analogy you wish to use!

The eBook is FREE, so go download your copy today. Downloading the eBook also allows you to be on the early notification list when Jon's new mobile app, Share That Event, is released! As stated, the eBook is only the preface to greater things…stay tuned.

Request your copy of the eBook at http://www.sharethatevent.com today.

See you at the next extraordinary event!

Jon Lonon

Jon Lonon is a 20+ year veteran of the Computer and Technology Industry having a degree in Electrical Engineering and having taught practical Computer Engineering at a Technical College. As an accomplished software developer in several languages, he has seen first-hand the advances in and dependencies upon technology to achieve great success in any business venture of the 21st century. He has transferred his skills and knowledge into the Network Marketing arena, where he continues to build a team of successful network marketers that he named Team Success. Team Success uses and promotes several technologies that enhance business growth, with special emphasis on tools for Network Marketers and Direct Sales Agents.

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