True or False: A Link Exists Between Technology, Non-Profits, and Network Marketing?

OK, Jon…what brings this true/false quiz to the table? =)

So glad you asked! You see me in this picture with four amazing professionals who were in attendance at the Working For Good Conference 2012 at Clark Atlanta University, where I presented on “Building Technological Capacity: The Technology Advantage for the Non-Profit“.

It was lots of fun! I met some amazing people! I heard about some amazing community and business programs!

In fact, a brief time before the event I heard one of my business mentors say that Network Marketing is basically “building a relationship network” and “marketing something of value.” I got to thinking, wow, that's exactly the formula to have success in the non-profit arena today! What better way for any non-profit to network and market, than via current technologies?

As a non-profit director myself, as well as a technology aficionado, I was honored to provide a few tips that would ensure success if acted upon in the early stages of a non-profit launch, but especially when considered on a consistent basis – regardless of the age of your non-profit. I touched on hardware, software, social media, and advanced tech-based business tools for marketing your cause more effectively.

Based on the response and engagement it was well received, so although I'll go ahead and tell you the answer is TRUE, there is a link between technology, non-profits, and network marketing, I will take it one step further and share with you Part 1 of my presentation slides and notes — for FREE! =)

That's right, I have an unabridged version of my notes in PDF format to give you so that you can see for yourself how the truth about this link can help you advance your cause.

There is one catch! To ease getting this into your hands, you must request to join a brief webinar on Part 2 of my presentation (yes, also FREE) which shares a fundraiser program that is bringing thousands of dollars into non-profit organizations all over the USA and Canada! (And YES, any involvement in the fundraiser is also absolutely FREE – ALWAYS – NO QUOTAS!)

So, when you request Part 2 at the web page below, you will be emailed a link for downloading my notes.

Go to to request Part 2 of my presentation and get your free PDF copy of Part 1!

I hope it will help you grow your non-profit and fulfill your mission!

Jon Lonon


The Working for Good Conference is a production of the NonProfit Training Institute (NPTI) and it's founding Director, Jackquelyn Johnson-Ramsey.

How SMS Works To Help Your Business – Real Examples!

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SMS simply means Short Message Service.  It is a tool that can pave another marketing expressway for your business to a targeted market.  The reason this is helpful to your business is because the targeted audience has “opted in” to be informed via text messages about your product, event, service, or whatever you told them you want to keep them informed about.  It starts with two things:

  1. The SMS service provider will give you a Short Code that you publish.  In simple terms, the Short Code is a phone number that you are allowed to publicize so that your potential market can use it to send a specific text message indicating they agree to let you send them the information.
  2. You are allowed to set your own Keyword that you will also publish along with the Short Code.  In simple terms, the Keyword is the exact text message (or phrase) your potential market will send to your Short Code.

So let's break this down by using a real keyword example (the SMS keyword JONLONON, which represents my Jon Lonon Brand that I use for sharing various news about products and services in my market), and then I will give you a few generic samples that you can try to see how it can easily also benefit other types of businesses!

Let's say JONLONON had a new service to offer it's clientele:

  1. First, I would log into my personal back office given to me by my SMS service provider (in this case, Business Elite Services, a.k.a., BES) and set my welcome messages that will go out to each person that sends my Keyword to my Short Code to request more information about JONLONON.
  2. Second, I would publish my Short Code and Keyword on flyers, business cards, company websites, social media sites, or even posters on counter  or table tops if I have a brick-and-mortar establishment, to get the word out.
  3. As a curious prospect or potential buyer, you would respond by texting my Keyword to my Short Code as instructed on the marketing media I used to advertise the new product or service. You can actually do the next steps to see how it works!
  • First, you would take your cell phone out and add the following contact: Name = BES SMS Short Code with Mobile Phone Number = 55469.
  • Second, you would text JONLONON to that new contact. Upper or lowercase or mixed case is fine. Spaces are allowed by some vendors, but we are not using spaces for this example.
  • Third, if everything was entered correctly, our SMS service provider (BES) should have sent you the welcome text messages that I prepared in my BES SMS management application.

That's it! You have now opted in to receive text messages from Jon Lonon (Keyword=JONLONON) whenever we have a new product or service, or a special to offer you.  This was not a trick to get you to opt-in to our messages, although we hope you will not stop our messages for now. If you do want to stop the messages, simply send either the word STOP or END to the BES SMS Short Code contact you just added in your phone! But who doesn't want to save money, right!

You will do the same steps to use SMS to grow your business.  Here is one more example which you can also do now, although you will only get one sample message from my service provider (BES).  Let's say you were a barber shop.  You would set up your welcome message and have people text BARBER to 55469.  If you just did it, you should see a sample message like one that you might have prepared as a barber. You can also “schedule” messages that automatically blast to your entire opt-in list on the date and time you set!  Maybe you are a church, club, nailsalon, restaurant, salonspa, school, sportsbar, or carwash (those were not typos, but all keywords with no spaces that you can try right now!).  It does not matter what you do, SMS can work to help your business attract more customers!

I hope this gave you insight to how SMS works to help your business grow!  You can find out more about the Business Elite Services Suite, which includes SMS texting, at  The entire suite will definitely help your business, no matter what you have to offer.

Are you looking for more information on how technology can help simplify your efforts, save you money, or maybe even make you more money, click here!