The Medical Patient Experience Done Gone Digital!

I just got done reading a very informative eBook (Care Delivery Goes Digital: 6 Trends Impacting Healthcare and 2017 Predictions) on the effects technology is having on the medical care industry. If you have not already done so, you can access your free download by clicking the tablet image.

Mentor Mate Reports on a Digital Wave in Medecine

The eBook shares six trends that validate the effects of a technological world on patient care and its evolution. The article is an easy read and should spark valuable conversation (a gracious bow to Sarah Rockholt and other contributors to the study behind the article at Mentor Mate), but that third bullet of the six summarized by Sarah stood out for me because of a service I am personally familiar with in the network marketing arena.

The third bullet got my attention...

As a techie person (that happens to also market a healthcare product that utilizes tech-based solutions), I am intrigued by this new wave of tech-based services and tools that are helping to bring down the cost of medical care. This can revolutionize an industry that, more times than not, regularly impacts the bottom line of any family or small business. I'll let you read and share the article as I am doing, but one thing that I appreciate is how this kind of study and its published findings encourages thoughtful change and forward mobility. Some quotes that caught my attention were:

  • Page 10: “…the context of care adapts to fit the consumer…”
  • Page 11: “…patients now have more options…” (which led to predictions that care options will diversify and that even tele-medicine will be disrupted as the current primary consumer-centric solution it is today)
  • Page 35: “…there is a need to solve the Gordian knot of authenticating user health data on consumer devices…”
  • Page 37: (paraphrased) “…it's really about you – a “people-centric” healthcare system, not just tech and data…”

That's all for now! Just wanted to share my excitement about how this could be a benefit to my readers.

Till next time,

Jon Lonon

Since tele-medicine and tech-based solutions to identifying healthcare choice is still a leading strategy in bring better choice to consumers, here is a bonus…

Use technology to lower your family medical costs!
You an individual? Click this button for news about a tech-based and personalized service that might help you lower the cost of medical care for you or your family!
Technology can help raise your bottom line and increase employee options!
You a small business? Click this button if you are looking for lower-priced options for accommodating your employees via this new merger of technology and healthcare, while enhancing your bottom line!


Big News for MLM and Tech: TeeVee!

This is huge! Network Marketing Technology has just taken a GIANT leap into the future!

What's so big? Over-The-Top (OTT) TV! (See the TeeVee video commercial in this post!) The next wave of TV watching has already begun to roll out to the masses. The industry terms are “cutting the cords” or “recycling the dishes”!

Wow! There is so much I could say to describe why I'm super-excited about it, like the fact that I use and enjoy the service, and like the fact that I'll be saving money and making some too, but I just decided to break it down into easy-to-follow chunks for all of my blog readers. We don't want you to choke on all of this great news! So I've created an automated email campaign with TeeVee News updates!

[Since my initial blog post, things have changed a bit. You may notice the old name has changed from Turvi to TeeVee – nothing to worry about. Also, the option to order is within a private network. No worries again, since you are part of my network as one of my blog readers! Since last time I wanted you to know that you can actually order the service by first becoming an affiliate in the private network at my affiliate sign-up link. You will then be emailed details on pricing and channel options. PLUS, as an affiliate you can qualify to get your monthly TeeVee bill waived by having 10 people you refer order the service t00! Maintain 10 referred customers and your TeeVee is FREE each month!]

To stay abreast of the news about TeeVee as the network of users widens, simply complete my TeeVee News Form by clicking this Turvi News Link.

No worries about excessive emails – there are only a handful of emails, and I won't overload your inbox with other junk either! In fact, the few emails I send will break down the new technology and how its merger with network marketing can not only save you, and others you know, on TV bills, but also show you how you can get your service free and/or make extra income offering the service to others if desired! Now how's that for big news!

Oh, there will be a few more bonuses in the emails, so go ahead and smile while you complete the TeeVee News Sign-up Form! Don't forget to become an affiliate right away at my affiliate sign-up link. No cost to be one, and you'll then be able to choose a package plan and enjoy this technological breakthrough along with me!

Good Goobly Goo, I’ve Gone Green!

"The old business card is being recycled!"
“My old business card is being recycled!”

No, no, no! Not as in money green! (Who knows what color money is going to be soon anyway?) It's OK to have that thought at first. Besides, “What's money got to do with it?” won't be a hit song any time soon!

Nope. I'm talking enviro-green! Yep, I ditched some paper to preserve the landfill space for something more important than a 3.5 x 2.0 card with my picture and selfish words in print! Although my contribution to environmental preservation may be small, don't laugh yet (or please stop laughing, OK?). Estimates are that over nine billion (yes, illion with a B), cards are printed each year, or close to 30 million a day!

But I also read somewhere that analyst are predicting this paper product to go the way of other non-digital paper-based dinosaurs as more tech-savvy users demand modern sharing options (MSO's – no, that's not an official acronym, I just made it up to be techie, but I'll use it since this is my post and I can almost say whatever I want!).

So yes, I went green with a MSO! See, that worked! Oh, alright, I'll cut to the chase and we'll be done in a flash.

I got myself a Virtual Business Card (yes, a VBC, and that is official)! It's quite simple: it's a business card that can be shared on any smart device from stationary computers, to mobile phones, to mobile tablets, etc., etc. Via text marketing (another topic that deserves a new future post), a very simple non-graphic text-only business card can quickly transfer your information to an interested prospect. In addition, you will collect contact information allowing you to share your product or service too.

An enhanced version (the one I opted for) gives a visual to your prospect and allows them to connect to multiple social media sites to learn more about you and/or your products and services. I also like the fact that now with a single click on my VBC, my information is downloaded into the prospects address book without scrap paper, copy/paste, or mistyped information!

Go ahead, check out my go-green contribution here. The card tells you and others how to get your own free VBC, thus making your contribution to the Go Green Initiative (which happens to be a real initiative, but GGI, unofficially, of course)!

Enjoy till next time!

By the way, just in case you're not taking my VBC by clicking above, you can also Text L390488 to 55255 for instructions on getting your own VBC.


Time To Make A PowerPlay!!

Time To Make A PowerPlay  Ok, I'm writing this quick post for two reasons:

1. To highlight a super cool tech tool that can help you at key times in your business (and even in your personal space) from time-to-time, and

2. Because of the weather across many mid to northern states right now in the US!

Don't worry, you'll get why #2 pretty quickly. In fact, I'm just about done! What? Jon, so what is this PowerPlay move you want me to make? Well, it's simple, the PowerPlay is a bluetooth wireless music player with a powerful charger, for tablets, PC's and mobile phones. Moving to this device is a “Power Play” because you get to do both! You get power whenever/wherever you need it for business or pleasure (i.e., on-the-road, in a large conference hall, at the airport, etc.).  You also get to play boosted speaker sounds played from your devices (i.e., music, conference calls, training audio, etc.). I'll let you watch the 30-second video and read more about this super cool tech tool for growing your business. Just know that I use the PowerPlay and I have been more than pleased.

So how does PowerPlay relate to #2 – because of the weather? That's easy! I, along with thousands more, have experienced power outages because of snow and ice storms over the past few days. It's better to be safe than sorry! When trees fall on power lines, or they get ice-heavy, you need to ensure emergency communication lines are left open AND you need to be able to perform some vital business functions (especially if your business is an at-home business).

Get charged on-the-go AND let your audience hear your digital sounds loud and clear! Find out more about this super cool tech tool before your next natural or business storm strikes. Make that PowerPlay today!


Technology Fuels Essential Services (and you can benefit)!

Essential Services equate to time and financial freedom!Yes, I am veering from my normal topic for a quick “off-the-cuff” second.

I am writing this right now, real fast, so stick with me on this thought (and please forgive any typos)!

I often provide minor consultations on technology for network marketers and home-based business folks, but today I want to clarify that such consults are not why I am excited about my financial time and money freedom. The key to my calm (even if a recession hits at full force while you are reading this) is that I AM AN INDEPENDENT 5LINX REPRESENTATIVE!

In case you missed it, I just smiled real big! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I'm in the best of both worlds because of my initial career, based in the heart of modern technology (engineering and software), and because I am presently established in the essential services arena, which is largely fueled by the rise of technology in our daily lives!

What are you talking about Jon? Listen. This is very simple. It's how the big boys and girls (large corporations and insiders) make money. EVERY month when you pay your bills, they get some — YOU DON'T. I used to be in that boat, till I found out how I answered many questions like, “Do I know anyone that uses cell phones? or Do I know anyone who powers their home to turn on lights, or provide heat for bodies or other appliances? or do I know anyone who watches television, or surfs the Internet, or uses smart devices like tablets and/or businesses using the same, or credit card processing?” I had to answer the question, “Do I swipe debit/credit cards?” There were more questions asking if I used text messaging, or was concerned about protecting my identity or credit score, or even if I needed (or knew anyone who needed) to save on healthcare services?

I could not say NO to anything (for me or others I knew). WOW! Were these just luxuries or were they morphing into essential necessities? I knew that technology was important, but I discovered it is fueling everything we do. So, naturally, I welcomed news that the essential services used by me, and everyone else I knew, could also fuel my wallet at the same time!

Yes, I am a Super-excited Independent 5LINX Representative, making money and helping others save and/or make money on all these essential services, whether I'm consulting on technology or not.

There is nothing special about me. You can do it too. Yes, you can benefit too!

No worries, I'm not going to try to sell you anything, but if you want to see how the progression of technology fueling essential services can also fuel your financial portfolio AND buy back some of your time freedom for things you really want to do, hop over to and watch the video on the Opportunity tab, then click the Sign-Up Now button at the top of the page. Don't delay if you want to join because the team we're building is also using technology to fuel our rapid success. Why not invest for residual income on what you already do! As explained why in the video, be sure to choose the IMR starting position, and if in Canada, first click the Canada button.

Sometimes High-Tech Is A Real Handshake!

Jon after a "high-tech" handshake with JBudd in San Diego!
Unstoppable Entrepreneur Jon Lonon knows that “High-Tech” is not just connecting to things, but also to people!

Ok, time to shift gears…

As I am getting set at the starting line of more frequent updates to my blog, I got to thinking about how some technology is already “wired” into us as human beings. We simply need to check the box in our brains to enable it…and appreciate results we may not see instantly.

For example, “handshaking” is a common engineering term to suggest that two devices, similar or not, are establishing a connection or a bond.

I won't make this complicated. All I'm saying is that yes, there are many high-tech methods we can use to reach out and “touch” our prospective customers and business partners (e.g., smart phones to text or call, social media to chat, video to see and be seen). But what beats getting out there and shaking some hands? That's right, flesh to flesh, with an added SMILE!

That's high-tech (not low-tech) because it has a powerful effect on the best technology you possess – your brain! That “handshake” sets you on fire to run fast like that signal between those two electronic devices! (OK, maybe not that fast!)

That's all, just a quick thought to share. Now get out there and engage that high-tech handshake and that high-tech smile. It's been proven to enhance businesses everywhere!

In this picture I shook hands with arguably the leader in Internet Marketing, the guru himself, Mr. Jonathan Budd. Notice that I practice what I teach! Gotta run… 🙂

Jon Lonon

P.S. – Find out one way I am helping others get out and mingle so their high-tech handshake helps grow their business at


eBook By Jon Lonon Touts Power Of Events

Download Your Copy Now!The preface to a set of hip technology-based tools to grow your business has been introduced – Jon Lonon's new eBook entitled, Whoa! What Just Happened?! that touts the power of events has been released.

Yes, that Jon is me! I'm so excited!

The eBook touts the power of events by use of an actual “live” event to reveal their many facets and benefits in the key chapter. Other chapters have Jon's discussion of what he learned about utilizing events from other industry leaders, and in yet other chapters Jon shares his own perspective on how to take advantage of events to grow your business.

The eBook is meant to be motivation for those who struggle in their network marketing businesses through the realization that events offer a dynamic “plug-in” that electrifies their organization, or puts gas in its tank, raises your horses hoofs, or whatever analogy you wish to use!

The eBook is FREE, so go download your copy today. Downloading the eBook also allows you to be on the early notification list when Jon's new mobile app, Share That Event, is released! As stated, the eBook is only the preface to greater things…stay tuned.

Request your copy of the eBook at today.

See you at the next extraordinary event!

Jon Lonon

True or False: A Link Exists Between Technology, Non-Profits, and Network Marketing?

OK, Jon…what brings this true/false quiz to the table? =)

So glad you asked! You see me in this picture with four amazing professionals who were in attendance at the Working For Good Conference 2012 at Clark Atlanta University, where I presented on “Building Technological Capacity: The Technology Advantage for the Non-Profit“.

It was lots of fun! I met some amazing people! I heard about some amazing community and business programs!

In fact, a brief time before the event I heard one of my business mentors say that Network Marketing is basically “building a relationship network” and “marketing something of value.” I got to thinking, wow, that's exactly the formula to have success in the non-profit arena today! What better way for any non-profit to network and market, than via current technologies?

As a non-profit director myself, as well as a technology aficionado, I was honored to provide a few tips that would ensure success if acted upon in the early stages of a non-profit launch, but especially when considered on a consistent basis – regardless of the age of your non-profit. I touched on hardware, software, social media, and advanced tech-based business tools for marketing your cause more effectively.

Based on the response and engagement it was well received, so although I'll go ahead and tell you the answer is TRUE, there is a link between technology, non-profits, and network marketing, I will take it one step further and share with you Part 1 of my presentation slides and notes — for FREE! =)

That's right, I have an unabridged version of my notes in PDF format to give you so that you can see for yourself how the truth about this link can help you advance your cause.

There is one catch! To ease getting this into your hands, you must request to join a brief webinar on Part 2 of my presentation (yes, also FREE) which shares a fundraiser program that is bringing thousands of dollars into non-profit organizations all over the USA and Canada! (And YES, any involvement in the fundraiser is also absolutely FREE – ALWAYS – NO QUOTAS!)

So, when you request Part 2 at the web page below, you will be emailed a link for downloading my notes.

Go to to request Part 2 of my presentation and get your free PDF copy of Part 1!

I hope it will help you grow your non-profit and fulfill your mission!

Jon Lonon


The Working for Good Conference is a production of the NonProfit Training Institute (NPTI) and it's founding Director, Jackquelyn Johnson-Ramsey.

Proof That QRC Scan Codes And SMS Text Messaging Can Grow Your Business!

Click Now To Start Using These Powerful Marketing Mediums! Scan The QRC Above For Example!

Proof is what I require!

I'm assuming you want the same, so here it is…

Today, it's all about short codes, keywords, and scan code images.

The shortest lesson ever on this technology in definition format…

  • Short Codes – a phone number that automatically responds with message(s) that you have prepared when keyword is sent as a text message to it.
  • Keywords – a short set of letters and/or numbers that you decide will be sent to your short code by your prospects or customers in order to receive your prepared message(s).
  • QRC Scan Codes – a Quick Response Code that you create using very simple software to indicate what you want to happen when the code is scanned by the camera on your prospect or customer's mobile devices. The camera is driven by a normally free “scan code reader” app that they can download to their devices. Happenings could be opening a specific web page to market a product or simply displaying a simple message like the day or week price-special — you decide!

Check out what this article says about the power and effectiveness of SMS Text Marketing, and another article about the rapid adoption of Quick Response Codes (QRC).

If you missed my previous blog posts on my exciting discoveries about this technology, and how you can cost effectively save money on easily incorporating it into your business strategy, you can also see How SMS Works To Help Your Business and Go Ahead, Scan Me! I'm a QR Code!

Are you looking for more information on how technology can help simplify your efforts and make you more money, click here!

Go Ahead, Scan Me! I’m a QR Code!

QR Code for SMMM Mobile Website
Go Ahead, Scan Me!

I was super-elated when I found out that I had a few super-cool tools hidden away in my Business Elite Services toolbox!

Ok, I'll back up a few days to bring you up-to-date! You see, I wanted to take advantage of this new QR (Quick Response) Code technology so I could spruce up my website so the younger social media generation would at least drill a little deeper into my wonderful web home.  So what did I do?  I created a Mobile Web Site!  That's right, because tucked away inside my Business Elite Services menu was a Mobile Website Creator!

Now, for those of you who have home-based businesses, that do direct sales, have an MLM business, or have a small storefront operation, this Business Elite Services package is quite amazing.  I know, because I use it all the time and it satisfies several resource needs of my business.  I wanted you to see why both the Mobile Website Creator and the QR Code Generator are amazing FREE extras to an already great suite of services, so here is a peek at what's in the package.

  1. SMS Text Marketing Service – this is a crazy-good new way to build your marketing list and bring immediate response to your services, and therefore your bottom-line! To test it right now, simply TEXT JONLONON TO 55469. You will get a response in seconds! Now imagine your constituents getting your welcome text message and any immediate or scheduled messages you desire!  Maybe you need to send members or associates automated reminders of upcoming meetings! Whatever you can imagine! (See How SMS Works To Help Your Business for more details!)
  2. Tech Support Service – the saying is that “everyone needs roadside assistance along the technology superhighway!” This tool allows you to a) search an unbelievably extensive support database to troubleshoot issues with your PC's and/or laptops; b) connect to a live support technician who will take-over and fix your issue while you watch; or c) request “geek-squad” support where a tech visits your home or business to fix the issue!  Wow!
  3. Webinar Service – this has been a darling for me because I'm in a people business and I'm already heavily into video-based telecommunications. I like seeing the person on the other end, or at least have them see me if they desire.  You can have remote trainings, introduce products, or simply meet and greet if you'd like! There is a free audio conference line for up to 1000 callers and the video/webinar can host up to 40 video-to-video attendees simultaneously (part of the 1000 that can be on the webinar)! Yes!
  4. Exclusive VIP Discounts Service – again, I have experienced savings galore because I have access to over 150,000 merchants across the nation and you can too! Over 50% off on recreation, dining, supplies, you name it! Why pay more when you don't have too?
  5. Credit Card Processing – through a special program, merchants who take debit and credit cards can save by reducing their processing fees. (Find out more about this amazing program which also currently gives to major breast cancer research from every swipe that occurs at Reduce My Fees – click on the Credit Card Processing link there for more details!)


So, I found out that I could go into the SMS Text Marketing Service pages and create a website and a QR Code so I did it!  On top of the fact that there is one small monthly fee for the first four services described above, there is no extra cost for creating as many mobile websites and QR Codes as you desire!

Go ahead, install a QR Code Reader on your smartphone and scan the QR Code in the graphic of this blog.  The mobile website I created will appear in your smartphone's browser via this QR Code, all created with my Business Elite Services!  You can then download the SMMM logo to your phone and click it anytime you get the urge to save or make extra money! Use your smartphone's application center to find and download a QR Code Reader if you don't have one.  Happy scanning!

Are you looking for more information on how technology can help simplify your efforts and make you more money, click here!

How SMS Works To Help Your Business – Real Examples!

SMS messages sent monthly (June) in USA in mil...
Image via Wikipedia

SMS simply means Short Message Service.  It is a tool that can pave another marketing expressway for your business to a targeted market.  The reason this is helpful to your business is because the targeted audience has “opted in” to be informed via text messages about your product, event, service, or whatever you told them you want to keep them informed about.  It starts with two things:

  1. The SMS service provider will give you a Short Code that you publish.  In simple terms, the Short Code is a phone number that you are allowed to publicize so that your potential market can use it to send a specific text message indicating they agree to let you send them the information.
  2. You are allowed to set your own Keyword that you will also publish along with the Short Code.  In simple terms, the Keyword is the exact text message (or phrase) your potential market will send to your Short Code.

So let's break this down by using a real keyword example (the SMS keyword JONLONON, which represents my Jon Lonon Brand that I use for sharing various news about products and services in my market), and then I will give you a few generic samples that you can try to see how it can easily also benefit other types of businesses!

Let's say JONLONON had a new service to offer it's clientele:

  1. First, I would log into my personal back office given to me by my SMS service provider (in this case, Business Elite Services, a.k.a., BES) and set my welcome messages that will go out to each person that sends my Keyword to my Short Code to request more information about JONLONON.
  2. Second, I would publish my Short Code and Keyword on flyers, business cards, company websites, social media sites, or even posters on counter  or table tops if I have a brick-and-mortar establishment, to get the word out.
  3. As a curious prospect or potential buyer, you would respond by texting my Keyword to my Short Code as instructed on the marketing media I used to advertise the new product or service. You can actually do the next steps to see how it works!
  • First, you would take your cell phone out and add the following contact: Name = BES SMS Short Code with Mobile Phone Number = 55469.
  • Second, you would text JONLONON to that new contact. Upper or lowercase or mixed case is fine. Spaces are allowed by some vendors, but we are not using spaces for this example.
  • Third, if everything was entered correctly, our SMS service provider (BES) should have sent you the welcome text messages that I prepared in my BES SMS management application.

That's it! You have now opted in to receive text messages from Jon Lonon (Keyword=JONLONON) whenever we have a new product or service, or a special to offer you.  This was not a trick to get you to opt-in to our messages, although we hope you will not stop our messages for now. If you do want to stop the messages, simply send either the word STOP or END to the BES SMS Short Code contact you just added in your phone! But who doesn't want to save money, right!

You will do the same steps to use SMS to grow your business.  Here is one more example which you can also do now, although you will only get one sample message from my service provider (BES).  Let's say you were a barber shop.  You would set up your welcome message and have people text BARBER to 55469.  If you just did it, you should see a sample message like one that you might have prepared as a barber. You can also “schedule” messages that automatically blast to your entire opt-in list on the date and time you set!  Maybe you are a church, club, nailsalon, restaurant, salonspa, school, sportsbar, or carwash (those were not typos, but all keywords with no spaces that you can try right now!).  It does not matter what you do, SMS can work to help your business attract more customers!

I hope this gave you insight to how SMS works to help your business grow!  You can find out more about the Business Elite Services Suite, which includes SMS texting, at  The entire suite will definitely help your business, no matter what you have to offer.

Are you looking for more information on how technology can help simplify your efforts, save you money, or maybe even make you more money, click here!