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Hi, I'm Jonathan Lonon, but I oftentimes go by Jon.

I guess it's a good idea to let you know my credentials in case you were thinking about trusting my advice or even giving me 3 minutes (or less) to explain why this blog even exist!

(Clock is ticking…) I was born into a great family (thanks James and Naomi!). I had great role models (thanks to my family, extended church family, and leaders who invested in me!). I have a wonderful family with a lovely wife and 3 kids (thanks Bren, Ashley, Quentin, and Kelsey!).  I put those first since family, integrity, and character are important to me — and likely to you as well. They can fill in the gaps around my sincerity in helping others.

(tick, tick, tick…) I have a BS degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. I have experience teaching 3 years of Computer Engineering Technology at a popular technical college. I have over 20 years of hands-on experience in the software technology arena, having programmed in nearly every computer language including my current activity in mobile app development. Since my MS in Youth Development Leadership is related more to my faith-based non-profit organization, I won't go into detail on that here.

(tick, tick…) That being said, I stay pretty abreast of technological advances and what's going and coming! My recent merger into the network marketing arena brought awareness to the plethora of technology tools available to enhance and grow at-home business marketers. However, very few blogs provided specific information about technology and how network marketers can take full advantage of it to reach their personal goals.

So, in a nutshell, that's me and what this blog is all about. I look forward to keeping you informed on various technologies that can help you be the best network marketer on planet earth! If you want to see, hear, and read about the technologies that will help you grow a successful network marketing business and team, become a subscriber of my blog today by putting your name and email address on the form in the “Free Updates” tab and clicking the “Get Updates” button.  Enjoy! (tick…times up!…whew…just in time!)

Our Team Success and the Network Marketing Technology Blog

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